I See a Pattern Forming

     While we were visiting my Grandma, she seized the opportunity to clean out some of her closets, drawers, nooks and cubbyholes and sent us home with as much stuff as would fit in (and on top of) our car.  A large part of this new-found treasure of ours is fabric that Grandma has collected over the years.  Not only did she used to sew clothes for the family, but she also enjoys quilting.  

     In addition to the fabric, I was delighted to take possession of a bunch of old sewing patterns Grandma had stashed away.  Some of the patterns are at least forty years old and I love looking at the illustrations on the packages.

Some of these patterns are priced as low as 45 cents. These days it's more like $14.95!

Grandma made my aunt's wedding dress from this pattern.


My Mom's wedding veil was made with this pattern.


I just like this illustration of the boy eating a slice of pie in his robe!

     I don’t know what I’m going to do with the patterns, but for now they will fit nicely in my growing collection.  I do have an idea for a project, but you’ll have to wait and see what I’ve got up my sleeve!


6 responses to “I See a Pattern Forming

  1. That boy in the robe was the pattern granma used to make you, your brother and cousins robes every year for Christmas.

  2. Those patterns brought back a lot of memories. I remember I made your Grandpa a pair of slacks when they first came out with the flair at the bottom of the leg. I thought they looked so nice on him but he wouldn’t weaar them until I took the flair out. and I made your Uncle Tom shirts because his arms were so long and we couldn’t affford to buy the “talls”. I made one shirt of black material with just a band collar. He looked like a young gangster in it but he loved it. How long ago that was. Those wee the fun years. Years now are not that much fun. Old age, youck!!!!

    Love, Granny Jane

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