Scrapping 8×8 Crafts Album: Bath Salts

     I fought tooth and nail for some precious scrapping time today and came out on the other side victorious!

     Okay, it wasn’t quite that dramatic.  But I could have easily let the day slip past me without accomplishing this one goal I had set for myself.  You know how it is:  you pour your morning coffee, set it down to cool and the next thing you know the still-full mug has grown cold, you’ve started five different tasks (finished none), wiped the same butt (not your own — in fact, you really have to pee) three four times and now you’ve got to figure out what to fix for lunch.

     This was a real coup for me and it was just icing on the cake that the sun was out and smiling for the photographs.  Scrapbook pages always look better in the sun.  🙂

     I still need to journal a bit and I think a few butterflies would look good, but I don’t have my butterfly punch handy at the moment.  These pictures were taken in June of last year; it was the first craft project the ladies of my church did for our bazaar.  The paper and letters are Studio Calico — the Countryside collection.  

     Now that the princess is in bed, maybe I can sneak in a little more scrapbook time.  There is also a bowl of ice cream calling my name… Better make that brown patterned paper, to hide any smudges!  


6 responses to “Scrapping 8×8 Crafts Album: Bath Salts

  1. The story of my life. I did get one layout done today but a far cry from my four a week! But in all honesty, coffee has to come before scrapbooking, I’m just not that savvy without a cup of coffee!

  2. I feel like such a scrapbooking stalker, but I love these pages! And I also think those bath salts are cute.:) Thanks for giving details about the products you use on each page. Helps a novice like me! I’m also taking note from Erykah McC and making sure coffee is in front of me before I attempt to create. Enjoy your ice cream-scrapping date!

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