This Blog Needs Some CPR

     I don’t usually write quick, short posts — even if they’re short, they are rarely quick — but I feel the need to write this one.  

     I have mostly recovered from the strep throat, but a cold virus — being inconsiderate and opportunistic — has decided to take up residence inside my skull.  *sniff*  At least it no longer feels like I’m swallowing broken glass.  


English: CPR Français : Massage cardiaque

Image via Wikipedia

     I’m disappointed that I’ve let this blog go several days without a post, especially since my goal was to post every day this year.  My site stats are reflecting that lack of activity on my part, so it looks like I am long overdue on performing some CPR:  Creative Project Resuscitation!  I am currently working on something that I will be posting later today.  Please check back in later this afternoon to see what I’ve been up to!

     Until then, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


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