Scrapping Sunday: 8×8 “Crafts” Album

     I bought this 8×8 scrapbook almost four years ago and have just now begun filling it.  

     Ah, memories.  I remember exactly where I found it: in a Target store in Bloomington, Indiana when I was traveling in the big truck with Dave.  This was before I had “officially” moved down here; most of my stuff was still in Michigan.  I remember there was a mall behind the Target — a rare treat while traveling with Dave (shopping!) — and I bought a cookbook too.  ***[I should say, this is a game Dave and I play sometimes.  I’ll name some characteristics of or events that happened in a city we drove through and he will help me remember where we were.  It is surprising how much we remember.]***  While in Bloomington, we shopped at a whole foods store (Dave bought Kohlrabi) and ate at a Chinese restaurant.  🙂

     Scrapbooking?  Oh, yes.  Sorry about that.

      So I’m finally using the album.  I decided last year that it would make a perfect album to showcase the crafts we made for the church bazaar.  Every item had its picture taken and I wanted to scrapbook them, but didn’t want them in my family album.  Now that I’m feeling a little more caught up on other things, I decided to start on this project as well.  Last year I bought some of October Afternoon’s “Modern Homemaker” collection of scrapbook paper and stickers and I think it works really well for this.  

     Here is the title page:

     I love these Thickers alphabet stickers, but didn’t have an “r”, so I used an upside-down “j” (without the dot). 

     The sun and cloud are ki memories “puffies” stickers — Happy Day.  They are so cute!

     And here are the next two pages, titled “salt dough.”

     The chipboard stickers get way cooler than this.  I can’t wait to use more of them!

     The yellow baker’s twine is by Jillibean Soup.

     I also made a birthday card today, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for someone very special, so that will have to wait!  See you tomorrow!  😉




3 responses to “Scrapping Sunday: 8×8 “Crafts” Album

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  2. (is it my birthday card???LOL… jk) your scrapbooks are really cool..Love to see your ideas. Keep up the good work!!

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