From Counter to Cupboards

     I’m sorry that I don’t have anything better to talk about, but this is the most exciting thing that has happened all weekend.  Crafts have been put on hold in order to re-organize and de-clutter the scrapbook room.  I’ve been working in there since Violet went to bed and only just ran to my computer in the hopes of getting this posted before WordPress says it is Monday.     

     Much progress has been made since yesterday!  The cubbies are filling up, but there is still plenty of space to work with.  I absolutely love how the antique globe and basket look on top of the shelving unit.  Now they’re not sitting on my counter, taking up precious space.  The picture frames were wedged onto a bookcase (it’s in this room, but not in the photo…obviously) and now they can be properly admired again.  Ditto for the books, which were stacked on top of each other on the bottom shelf of the bookcase; a few were too tall to stand upright, but now fit just fine!  Violet even gets some space for her toys.


     As you can see, my counter is visible again!  Woohoo!  Soon I will be able to lay out multiple pages at a time.  I’m itching to go back in there and work some more, but I’d better not.  Tomorrow is another day and I am beat!  


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