Let the Organizing Begin!

     Finally!  My new (to me) Ikea shelves are in their new home, right in my craft room!  My friend Linda and I — and our husbands — went to our friend Shannon’s house this morning to get the shelves.  I knew what the dimensions were, but when I walked into the room and saw the actual size of the shelving unit I gasped.  Really.  And then a big old grin spread across my face and I all but rubbed my hands together in anticipation of filling up the cubbyholes.  I even ended up getting another, smaller, unit which will go in the guest bedroom.  It was too good a deal to pass up.

     What a bitterly cold, windy day it was!  We spent quite a bit of time outside loading and unloading the vehicles.  My hands were burning by the time we got inside.  Dave immediately started putting together the shelves, while I stood around and tried to look helpful.     

I cringe at the sight of this messy room, but it will be much better soon!

     I was ecstatic when I put the first scrapbook album on a shelf!  Dave probably thought I had lost my mind.  I am just so happy to have a place to put my albums, where they will fit and look nice without taking up valuable space on the shelves directly above my workspace. 


     I spent a good while putting albums, paper, picture frames, etc. on the shelves after Violet went to bed.  Dave finally came in and asked me to quit so I could come write this (and then go to bed).  I was thinking the same thing, but it was just so hard to tear myself away when I was having fun putting things in their place!

     Don’t worry, you’ll get more pictures very soon.  🙂


2 responses to “Let the Organizing Begin!

  1. A new life 400 miles from home? Very intriguing.

    Good one Dad – the shelves. They’re great 🙂

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