Excuse Me. I Burpee’d.

     You know Spring is right around the corner when I start planning our Summer vacation and I’m picking seeds out of the Burpee catalog. 

     The final decision on crops hasn’t been determined yet, but it is safe to say that we are going to be growing a large amount of salsa!  Will keep you updated on the garden front as news happens.     😉


6 responses to “Excuse Me. I Burpee’d.

  1. Almost all garden seed packets contain far more seed than the average gardener will use in their garden.
    Try sharing your seeds with your friends and neighbors, it’s fun and they will enjoy getting 5 or 6 vegetable seeds ‘free’ to plant in their garden or on a containe garden..

    • That’s a great idea! Yesterday we were discussing how most seed packets have way more seeds than I want plants! I am going to spread the wealth this year… Does anyone I know (who is reading this) want some seeds when they become available?? 🙂

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