I Love You card

     I discovered a new (to me) website this morning, called card positioning systems (CPS for short).  It may be brand new to me, but CPS is already on Day 8 of their 5th anniversary celebration!  This site is a great place to find cardmaking inspiration and ideas.  

     Who doesn’t love the chance to win great stuff?  I know I do!  I created this card for Day 8 of the anniversary celebration, and the chance to win a super prize from The Cat’s Pajamas.    

     This is the sketch I used for inspiration.

     Even though red is my favorite color — and pink is pretty awesome, too — I thought there needed to be some blue for contrast.  Especially since I’m going to be giving this card to my favorite guy.  To my chagrin, I discovered I have no blue ribbon.  These fibers are pretty, though.  I fretted over the bow a bit too much…     

     The stamp is from Stampin’ Up; thanks to my friend Susan for letting me raid her stamp collection!  The patterned paper is The Paper Studio; bling is Queen & Co.     

     Now, honey, forget you ever saw this, because this may be the card you get for V-Day!  I love you!



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