Valentine’s Day Topiary

     The alarm clock jarred me awake entirely too early this morning, but that is the price I have to pay to make it to MOPS on time.  The meetings start at 9 and it takes us 45 minutes to get there…   *yawn*  Thank you, coffee!  I don’t know what I’d do without you.

     Violet was excited to bring cupcakes to all the kids (I had to tell her more than once that the cupcakes were for the mommies) and at the prospect of playing with new friends.  Her face got very pink and she looked like she would cry when I dropped her off in the Moppets room, but I never got paged and when I returned she was perfectly fine (and overjoyed to see me).

     We made a really cute Valentine topiary at our meeting this morning.  After we had all stuffed ourselves with everything from bagels and breakfast casserole to fruit salad and mini cheesecakes, we got down to business.  


     First, choose a bucket.  Red or black?  Tall or short?  Of course I chose red and I figured since I was only decorating one ball I’d go with the short bucket.  Second, glue a block of styrofoam inside the bucket and stick a wooden dowel down into the styrofoam.  Then press the dowel into the styrofoam ball that is going to be the top of the topiary.  Be careful that the dowel doesn’t go all the way through the ball.  Pretty complicated, huh?     

     Here’s the fun part:  Take the ball off the dowel and use a hot glue gun to methodically glue conversation hearts over the entire surface of the ball, leaving just enough room for the dowel to be inserted.  It’s best if you use a glue gun that has a high/low heat setting (use the low setting so it doesn’t melt the styrofoam).  Once that’s done you can put the ball back on top and pick out a pretty ribbon to adorn the dowel.  Before I tied the bow, though, I spruced up the dowel with some orange paint.  I thought the orange would look good, but I’m going to have to change it to pink.  The orange is just not working for me.  Some tulle stuffed in the base and it was all done!


     If I’m going to store this for use next year, then I will put a coat of sealant on the hearts.  Wouldn’t want to get it next year and find out the mice had satisfied their sweet tooth(s) with it.  For that matter, someone should explain to Violet that this is just a pretty decoration, lest I find her crouched on the kitchen table gnawing on it!  😉


6 responses to “Valentine’s Day Topiary

  1. I just had the hilarious image of Violet crouching on the table chowing down like it’s a giant lollypop, pop in my head!

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