Scrapping Sunday — Welcome to Candyland

     Two more pages from my mom’s old scrapbook have been redone.  There are only four more pages (8 front and back) in the old album and then it will be done!  Then I can start working on all the other old photos…

     But first things first.  Today’s pages are of Junior/Senior Prom 1962.  The theme for prom was “Welcome to Candyland.”  It was a great opportunity to use up some letter stickers that I’ve had for at least ten years.  

     I’m not sure when I ever used the gold photo corners, but I’m loving them here.  They add some sparkle to the page without having to mat the photos or add anything else that’s going to take the focus away from the pictures.  Also, they’re a nod to the original album, since most of the photos were mounted with black corners.  (By the way, my mom is the hottie 2nd from the left.)

     This is the album that I am putting the completed pages in.  I bought it several years ago with this purpose in mind.  It looks old and western-y, doesn’t it?  I love the latch!

     I am aching to make some Valentine’s Day cards.  I actually went into my craft room this afternoon to make a card, but got distracted by the utter chaos in there and ended up finishing the Candyland pages instead.  Maybe I should read that organization book I renewed from the library…


4 responses to “Scrapping Sunday — Welcome to Candyland

  1. I scrapped today too – first time in ages!!! I discovered I have a ton of pages done, just not in albums. I need to get a couple new albums & additions for my one album. When you finish that organization book can you give me some pointers? My supplies are utter chaos! I think I need more shelves and containers. Ehhh, a project for another day.
    (btw, I love that album! the hinge is really cool)

    • Great minds think alike! I was considering asking if you’d like to scrap when you come visit, but not sure if that is something you’d want to do, since we’ll have limited time. I was ALSO considering having a party @ Susan’s…. so hold off on buying those albums for now! And we need to decide on a date! 🙂

  2. I need to scan the two group pictures, the guys and the girls. Awesome memories with my 50th class reunion this year!

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