My 10 Favorite Pins

     I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to mention Pinterest on this blog.  If you don’t know what Pinterest is, then you’ve probably been getting a lot more done than I have!  It is a super-addictive site that allows you to see what everyone else is looking at on the internet, while never actually having to surf the web.  People (I’ve heard) can lose hours of their lives while scrolling through all the images that others have “pinned” on their boards.  You name it and it has been pinned: everything from food to home decorating, crafts and inspirational quotes.  The images usually link directly to the original source, which is how I’ve found a lot of the blogs that I now follow.  

     Despite the siren-like lure of Pinterest, I have so far resisted succumbing entirely to it.  I only have 145 pins, after all.  Here are ten of my favorites:

#1 — cute dessert.  Everybody on Pinterest has at least half-a-dozen pins of cute desserts that they will probably never make.  This one is seasonally appropriate.  🙂

#2 — recycled objects.  I love the colors of these tin can organizers.  

#3 — another pretty dessert.  Get ready to see a pattern form…

#4 — cool loft idea for the kids.  Wouldn’t this be cool?!

#5 — bright colored, cute dessert!  Hey, it’s better that I pin it than eat it, right?

#6 — craft supply lust.  I only wish I had this much fabric to choose from!

#7 — nifty craft.  This gnarly-looking tree is made out of paper bags!

#8 — craft room to drool over.  We all have pins of these.

#9 — sewing craft.  A USA map made out of fabric scraps.  Too cool.

#10 — birthday idea.  I am totally going to make this balloon wreath!

#11 (bonus!) — storage.  Everybody is always looking for storage solutions.  Again, I like the colors.  And who doesn’t like farm animals?

     I hope you enjoyed this sampling of some of my favorite pins.  Have I inspired you to check Pinterest out for yourself?  Or are you smart enough to realize that this is a drug you probably shouldn’t tamper with?  You too could get addicted, after all!


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