More Books that I’m Probably Not Going to Read

     I’ve told you that I’m addicted to books.  I used to buy an insane number of books — more than I could ever read.  Now, instead of buying books, I check them out of the library.

     A pattern of perusal has formed.  It seems that I don’t actually read most of the books that get checked out of the library.  Instead, I bring them home and peruse them in short spurts throughout the day, often while I eat a meal or drink my coffee.  Then I get distracted by my domestic duties and the book lays on the kitchen table, forgotten and gathering dust.  After days or weeks of this, the book is due back and I return it partially read.  At least, that’s how it’s been since the summer reading program ended last year.  Maybe I got burned out. Who knows?  (I read about 20 books in two months!)  

     Maybe I just have too much reading material in the house.  I also suffer from magazine addiction, but I will spare you the sordid details.

     Today I returned several books to the library (didn’t finish reading any of them) and renewed another one.  I then checked out four more. It was nice, because I was sans-Violet and I could spend as much time as I liked browsing the stacks of books.  These are the books I picked:

     I fully intend to whip up some of the dishes in this book.  Unlike a lot of healthy cookbooks, this one actually looks palatable.

     The complete opposite of healthy eating is what these folks did!  Out of grad school, the authors ate across the USA, driving over 3 million miles, eating 12 meals a day (how did they do that?!).  This book just looks like a fun read for someone who loves to travel, but doesn’t have the money and who loves to eat, but doesn’t want to gain 100 pounds.  😉

     Cherries in Winter has a familiar premise.  The author lost her job and needed to cut her budget way back (no more eating out!), so at her mother’s suggestion she dug out her grandmother’s old recipe book.  Not only did she find recipes, but also stories about her family’s history and resiliency through tough times.  Sounds inspirational, huh?

     This one sounds a lot more stuffy than it really is.  It is full of nursery rhymes, stories, simple ideas about history, science and art.  Since Violet loves books and being read to, this will surely be a hit.

     Finally, I found these two books on the rack of books for sale.  I’ve heard of A Beka before and was excited to stumble upon these two examples of the homeschooling curriculum.  At fifty cents each, it was a no-brainer.

Wish me luck on my readings.  I have a stack of magazines waiting to be read, too!

What are you reading?



5 responses to “More Books that I’m Probably Not Going to Read

  1. Currently? Nothing but my script for the show I’m in. But I have 9 books sitting on my bedside table, 1 waiting for me at the library, and two more on cd that I have yet to finish. Looks like I’m addicted to books as well.

    Oh, I read The Night Circus at your suggestion and LOVED it!

  2. As much as I love reading your blog, you did inspire me to read something else. It was a tough choice between the work contracts I brought home & a book that I started last winter! I went with the book – got through two more chapters of Eat, Pray, Love before Mike inticed me with a movie. 🙂

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