Everything’s Coming Up Daffodils

     Every year the daffodils poke their heads out of the ground insanely early.  I love it.  It is the ultimate sneak peek of Spring, seeing these bright green shoots sticking out of the dry, brown skeletons of last year’s foliage.

     It’s been Winter in name only around here, with only about one inch of snowfall so far (that is long ago melted).  I would much rather have frozen, snow-covered ground than the gooey mud we’re dealing with right now.  Today was fairly warm — close to 60 degrees! — and Violet and I went for a leisurely walk down the road.

     This pine tree has been photographed on just about every walk I’ve ever taken down our road.  It is just so magnificent!  I wonder how old the tree is; I’ve started calling it Grandpa Pine.  Today I photographed it from a different perspective.

     One more photo…  I asked Violet to help me put the tater tots on the cookie sheet for dinner and this is how she did it.  Too cute!



2 responses to “Everything’s Coming Up Daffodils

  1. So cute! And, I wish that we had some “real” winter, too. But, I don’t want the flowers destroyed if they are coming up already. Ugh. Winter needs to decide who she’s going to be.

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