Home Again, Home Again

     I apologize for not posting a blog entry yesterday; I was exhausted when I got home at dinnertime and practically fell into bed shortly afterward.

     I also have no pictures to show you, since I haven’t taken any in two days!  How shocking, considering I just came back from a scrapbooking retreat.  I’m going to have to start clicking away if I want to have any photos to play with.  As it is, I need to place an order to develop the pictures I’ve taken since Christmas.  Now that I’m caught up, I want to stay that way.

     This weekend was a monumental one, not just for my sanity but more importantly for the relationship between Dave and Violet.  

     Dave is usually away from home for at least a week at a time, sometimes — unfortunately — even longer.  This does not help the father-daughter bond in the slightest.  Violet is often happy to see him when he comes home, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty I am the one she wants.  That wouldn’t necessarily be quite so bad if she didn’t protest his presence so loudly at times.  Like at night.  Dave doesn’t usually go to her at night, because she will scream when she realizes he is not me.  That is just an example of the way this little girl can make her loving father feel like a heel so easily.  You may think she sounds like a brat, but really she is the sweetest little child ever.  She just has very strong opinions.  She is spirited, as we say.

     So, given these facts, we were all quite apprehensive about how this long weekend would go.  I started breaking the news to Violet earlier in the week.  I didn’t want to freak her out about my leaving, but I also didn’t want to dump it on her at the last minute.  She didn’t seem concerned in the least when I told her I would be gone for three days.  I figured she just didn’t comprehend what I meant.  I told her that after she spent the night at Grandma’s on Thursday, Daddy would be the one picking her up on Friday.  She was fine with that.  I told her to be nice to Daddy and they would do all kinds of fun things, like bake cookies and go for a ride in the big truck.  She perked up at that!

     I was sad to say goodbye to Violet on Thursday, but at the same time so excited to be leaving!  I had that evening to myself and got to see Dave briefly Friday morning before my ride came to pick me (and all my stuff) up.  Shortly after arriving at our cabin, I accessed the internet (thank you, wi-fi!) and chatted with Dave. 

     “What did she do when you picked her up from Mom’s?” I asked him.

     “Laughed,” he replied.

     “Laughed? Why?”

     “She was happy to see me.”

     I have to admit, I scratched my head a little. This is not the reaction any of us expected, even though we had been hoping for it.  The rest of the weekend went just as well.  They baked cookies, played outside, went grocery shopping, went for a spin in the big truck, ate at the truckstop (where Violet got cooed over by the waitresses), played on the swings and the slide, and any number of other things.  Best of all, they got to know each other better.  I wasn’t there to distract them.  It was just Daddy and Violet all weekend long.  She even called his name in the wee hours on Saturday night, when her blanket got scrunched up at the foot of the bed.  She has never called his name at night before.  

     Best of all, she didn’t miss me too much.  Of course, a part of me likes to be missed a little bit.  It affirms that I am needed and wanted.  But who wants their child to pine away for them when they’re gone?  Not me.  I wanted her to enjoy who she was with.

     I had asked Dave to take pictures of the things they did during the weekend, but the only picture he took was of the cookies:

     Last night, after I was home again, I could see a difference in how Dave and Violet acted with each other.  I don’t know how to put it into words, but it made me feel very, very good.



P.S.  That means we should do this all again very soon!  😉


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