Tiny Chef

     Violet’s apron (I have abandoned the notion of selling it on etsy) is finally finished!  It’s complete, down to the pale pink buttons and vibrant pink trim on the bottom edge.  

     I am very happy with this, which is only my second-ever sewing project.  There are a few spots that are going to irk me, however.  I won’t tell you where they are;  Mom says I’m probably the only one that will ever notice the flaws.  There is one thing I have learned, and that is I need a new presser foot for my sewing machine — possibly a 3/16 piping foot.  It was incredibly frustrating for me trying to sew over bulky seams, especially when the bulkiest part was at the beginning of my stitching — it just wouldn’t move!  If anyone has any tips for me here, I would be eternally grateful!

     Here is Violet wearing her newly finished apron:

     And here it is again.  I really love the bright pink trim on the bottom:

     There is still the adult version that I need to sew, but I have another project that needs to get done this week, before I go on my scrapbooking retreat.  More about that coming soon!


3 responses to “Tiny Chef

  1. Hi purple pixie, Stacey just turned me on to your blog.
    There is a gadget called a “hump jumper” that helps to get you over bulky seams.
    You place it under your presser foot with your fabric butted up to it, and as you sew it keeps the pressure of your pressure foot off your bulky seam.

    • Awesome! I am so glad Stacey told you about PPID! Welcome.
      And thank you for the tip about the “hump jumper.” I am going to have to check that out. One of the problems I have is that the bulky fabric simply won’t fit under the presser foot. There should be a way to adjust the shaft (or whatever it’s called), up or down, right? My manual says nothing about that. grr

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