It’s in the Genes

     There must have been something special in the new coffee I bought yesterday, because in just the first half of today I have cleaned the house from floor to ceiling.  Literally.  All the floors have been cleaned, the walls have been “dusted”  — I still cannot believe the amount of dust that accumulates in such a short time! — and the ceiling fans have been cleaned.  That is a victory, because ceiling fans are usually something I only think about when I’m laying exhausted on my bed, staring up at it.  I could do nothing else today and still feel good about myself.  Unfortunately, I have a sink full of dirty dishes….  *groan*

     Violet has a quilt that her great-grandmother (Granny) made for her when she was still a twinkle in my eye.  I requested primary colors and left the rest up to Grandma.  My grandma makes the most beautiful quilts!  I wish I had more to show you.  Violet’s quilt usually hangs on the wall in her bedroom, but I took it down today to wash it.  After it came out of the dryer Violet took some time to snuggle with her Granny’s quilt.  She pointed out that there is also a quilt in her bedroom at [Violet’s] Grandma’s house that Granny made.  Violet loves her Granny.  🙂


     Looking at Violet with her quilt made me stop and think that we are all artists in this family.  From my Grandma working wonders with quilts to my mom creating macrame and beautiful pieces of clothing.  My father is a woodworker and a darn good artist, as is my brother. I’m excited to see what Violet excels at.

     Later I plan on breaking out the fingerpaints so she can create another masterpiece.


2 responses to “It’s in the Genes

  1. Hey Jen, I just want to know what kind of coffee you’re drinking. I need to get some of that ’cause my house needs cleaning again. 😉

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