Snow Angel

     Violet was jumping out of her skin with excitement this morning when I said we could go outside to play in the snow.    Her excitement started about 30 seconds after she came out of her bedroom, said good morning to me, then looked out the window.


      “Mama!  It snowded!  It snowded!”  I couldn’t help but think that was adorable.

     Once we stepped outside, Violet practically threw herself on the ground and immediately started making a snow angel.  I don’t even really know where she learned how to make snow angels — it must have been in a book somewhere.  I often wonder where she learns things…


     Then she started squinting because snow was drifting down onto her face.

     Here is a near-perfect snow angel.

     Besides making snow angels, Violet’s other favorite activity was eating snow.  I had to direct her to some of the cleaner sources of edible snow.  She looked very solemn when I reminded her that Clover (and other animals) pees and poops on the ground.  I could see the wheels turning in her head.

     This was a good start, but I want more!  Bring on the snow!!  


2 responses to “Snow Angel

  1. I was praying that all the snow would stay in Kentucky (thinking only of my granddaughter, of course), but this morning we have about three inches of it up here in Michigan. I’ll have to pray harder next time. I tried, Violet.

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