Winter, Where Are You?

     It was nearly 60 degrees today and raining.  

     Hello?!  It’s January!  I don’t know about you, but I want a good, heavy snowfall.  The kind that makes everyone run to the store the day before for milk and bread, in fear of being housebound for days.  The kind of snowfall that turns the world white and makes the outside glow at midnight like it was a blue day, that covers everything with a hush so the smallest twig cracking or flutter of birds’ wings can be heard clearly.  The kind of snowfall that would enable Violet to make as many snowmen and snow angels as she wants, instead of having to pretend she’s making snow angels on the kitchen floor.

     You may think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.  I love each season and that includes Winter.  Budding flowers, thunderstorms, falling leaves and yes, even blizzards are all wonderful to me.

     As long as I have enough milk and bread.



4 responses to “Winter, Where Are You?

  1. You are crazy but honestly I’m missing it too. The silence it brings always amazes me. I love how peaceful everything seems (and how eloquently you describe it).
    As long as it is enough I don’t have to drive in it and can be housebound (w/out my milk & bread) I say bring on the blizzard!!!!

  2. In the Louisville area, we are supposed to get snow for the next couple of days. I overheard my children talking about snow the other day and my son told his little sister, “No, Julia. Snow comes after Christmas.” I guess a white Christmas is something they have never experienced.

    • I moved to Kentucky in 2008 and so was here to experience The Ice Storm in early ’09. I know it is possible to get good winter storms here, but as I have mentioned in the past, I am not a patient person! I want snow now! 😉

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