Strawberry Freezer Jam

     Meijer is having a sale this week on strawberries:  3 pounds for $5 (or $1.66 per pound).  I spent the five bucks and today I made freezer jam.

     I can’t believe that I had never made freezer jam until last year.  It is so easy!  Just buy a box of pectin and the directions are inside the box.  All you need is berries, pectin, sugar, lemon juice and jelly jars.  

     The hardest part was resisting eating them all while I cleaned them!


     It took about a half hour and I was done.  The directions say to let sit at room temperature for 24 hours, then I can put them in the fridge or freezer.  My double batch made eight jelly jars and one pint jar of jam, plus enough left over for us to have on bread tomorrow. YUM!

That's going to be some chunky jam!

     After making the jam, I took a break and looked through Paula Deen’s cookbook that Mom got for Christmas.  I have to make some cheese straws soon…

     Then it was back to the apron.  I didn’t have much time left, but I figured I could easily finish sewing the rick-rack around all the edges.  It was almost done — only a few inches left — and my bobbin ran out of thread.

     Really.  Here is a picture showing how close I was to finishing.  


     It took a while, but I did finally finish the rick-rack.

     I’m telling you, I’ve grown kind of attached to this project.  I may have to keep the aprons for myself after all.  Of course, if you’re interested, you can always make an offer.   😉  


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