Dog vs. Balloon

     One of Violet’s favorite things is a balloon.  Daddy introduced them to her and now she just can’t get enough.  There’s always a balloon (or two, or three) drifting around this house somewhere.  Now even Grandma has gotten in on the act.  

     Anyway, I found our dog, Clover, like this and had to laugh.  Clover is such a good dog and puts up with a lot from the kid.  I wasn’t surprised to see her like this.

          My first dog, Sandi, used to view balloons as prey.  She would never allow any balloon to survive if she could help it.  I have pictures — I should dig them up and show you.  Sandi has been on my mind lately.  There is an anniversary coming up.

     But that is a story for a different day.



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