How Long Does it Take to Make an Apron?

     Apparently, quite a long time.  I think I should finish the child’s apron tomorrow (or the next day I work on it, if it doesn’t happen tomorrow).  That would make it a four-day effort.  And that’s just for the first one!  Mom keeps telling me to relax and that I’m doing fabulously for having never done this before.  I happen to agree with her; I really do think this endeavor is going swimmingly.  Instant gratification has always been something I’m quite fond of, however.

     Today the apron became functional.  All the ties and straps got stitched, turned, pressed, basted and sewn on.  The narrow hem got sewn around the entire apron (that was a trip getting it to go around the curves!) and I started sewing the rick-rack on, but had to get the little one home and to bed.  

          Violet tried the apron on for me so I could adjust the neck strap.  She’s wearing the lovely shirt her Grandma made for her last week.  The color is so vibrant, I love it!  The shirt itself is a little large and the sleeves blousy; it reminds me of a Shakespearean poet’s shirt.  Lucky girl, Grandma is making her another shirt after she finishes her current project (potholders).  More polka dots!

     Who doesn’t love polka dots?


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