Ugly Food, Beautiful Girl

     Tonight for dinner I tried something virtually unheard of in this house: vegetarian.  Namely, bean enchiladas.  They sounded good.  

     They looked hideous.  

     I took a picture of the filling and of the finished product, but I refuse to subject you to that kind of awfulness.  On the bright side, it didn’t taste as bad as it looked, and also it was a fairly cheap dish to prepare.  It had a tomato, onion, garlic puree for the sauce, along with a pinto bean, ricotta cheese, and cilantro filling.  Don’t forget lots and lots (and lots) of cheese on top.  I was hoping the cheese would save the dish.

     It didn’t.

     At least I got to see a beautiful girl playing dress-up before bed.

     In case you’re wondering, I worked on the aprons for several hours today with not much progress to show for it.  The pockets are on and the ties are sewn and turned right-side-out.  Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone.  The finished product is going to be fabulous!


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