There is a Bright Side to Extreme Procrastination

     This morning I strolled into my craft room, slid open a drawer and grabbed a plastic Hobby Lobby bag heavy with potential.  Inside was everything I needed to make Mommy & Me matching aprons.  I bought the supplies last year, but got distracted by the garden and preparing for the bazaar.  The materials languished in the drawer.  

     I thought I had bought the stuff to make the aprons early last Summer — maybe May — but when I opened the bag the receipt was inside.  It said “January 17, 2011.”  If receipts could look accusingly at a person, I swear this one did!  After experiencing a moment of shame for letting this project go undone for so long, I felt grateful that it had.  Because now, when our budget is the tightest it’s been, I have all the materials I need to make a pair of beautiful aprons!  Otherwise, I would have to settle for making more fleece hats…and I think I would rather take a break from fleece for a while.

          So, this is what I had to start with.  I should have put the rick-rack and buttons in the picture, too.  I love rick-rack!  The fabric itself is my favorite part of the project; playing with new fabric is almost as fun for me as playing with new scrapbook paper.

          It took me waaay to long to pin all the patterns and cut all the pieces out.  Surely I will get faster at this.  Right?

          I was going to stop for the day after cutting all the pieces out, but I had to go just a bit further.  This is the child’s apron.  I sewed the two side pieces onto the front and started putting the pocket together (there will be two pockets).

     It is so exciting and gratifying for me to be working on a project that almost immediately resembles what it will be.  That darn hat I made didn’t look like a hat until I was almost finished with it!  These aprons are so pretty already, I’m sure they will be gorgeous when I’m done.  

     They are meant to go on etsy, but I may have a hard time parting with them.


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