Crafty Wednesday — I sewed a fleece hat!

     I can now officially say that I have sewn something from a pattern!  I finished my first real sewing project today and I am pretty proud of the results.

     Every so often Hobby Lobby puts their McCall’s or Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents or $1.99.  I’ve picked up a few here and there and was able to flip through my collection of patterns and pick one that I wanted to start with.  I had a pile of fleece on my craft room counter, so I thought I would make a child’s fleece hat.  I made it a size large, thinking I’d rather it be too big on Violet than too small.  It seems it would be a better Spring hat than a Winter one, anyway.

     Mom grumbled occasionally about how I could have picked an easier pattern to start with — like an apron.  She was there in the background to help out if I had a question, but this project was all me!  Mom has accepted a position as “sewing tutor” and now that I have the time and inclination, I look forward to learning the ins and outs of sewing.

     I think the bill in the front seems a bit too large, but in my defense I did follow the pattern!  There were 9 pieces to the pattern (10 if you count the interfacing in the bill) and my sewing machine balked at the really bulky parts (topstitching around the bottom), but it got done and it looks pretty darn good.  Next time I will make more of an effort to cut out the pieces so they show off the pattern.

     Violet is delighted that Mom and I are sewing all these things for her.  Mom has made Violet two pairs of pants and a beautiful shirt, just in the past few weeks.  I have an idea of what I will be sewing next, but I haven’t decided anything for sure yet.  Stay tuned!  🙂



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