New Recipe Tuesday: Savory Chicken Pot Pie

     One thing I will be doing this year is cooking up at least one new dish every week — and posting the results right here!  After the absolutely sent-from-above deliciousness of the strawberry shortcake I whipped up last summer, I know there are some new favorites out there waiting to be discovered!  Some will be great, some will be disgusting and I am willing to bet some will be a hilarious (to my mother) failure.  Tune in every week to find out what will happen!  😉

     Today I cooked up Savory Chicken Pot Pie.  I’ve never been a fan of chicken pot pie.  In fact, as a kid I hated it.  I remember eating the crust and picking out the chicken bits and that was it.  Tastes change as you age, though, and I thought maybe a homemade pot pie would be different (my childhood pot pies were out of a box, eaten during a period when Mom was working nights).  

     The recipe is simple enough.  Stir a package of cream cheese into 1 cup chicken broth over low heat until creamy.  Then stir in 3 cups cubed, cooked chicken (I used up Sunday night’s leftovers, yay!), 1 tsp garlic salt and a package of mixed vegetables.  Pour that all into a pie plate.  Beat together 1 egg and 1/2 cup milk; add 1 cup bisquick and stir just until moistened.  Spoon the bisquick mixture over the chicken mixture and bake in a 400-degree oven for about a half hour.

          It sure did smell good!

     The verdict:  I still don’t like chicken pot pie.  Ha!  Maybe if the recipe had more (and tastier) ingredients I would like it more.  I was never a fan of mixed vegetables, either, but I sure do like them more than I used to.  The biscuit topping was good, and I did like the creamy sauce.  

     Violet gives it one thumb up.

     Here is a sneak peek for tomorrow:

          See you then!


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