Honeysuckle Liquid Hand Soap

     This morning I finally made use of the heavenly-scented bar of soap I bought way back in October.  I knew when I purchased it that I would someday make homemade liquid soap… I just didn’t think it would take this long.  

          The idea to make this liquid soap originally came from a post I read at LEC’smiscellany.  Her method is so easy, it took me less than ten minutes of actual work.  First, I measured 16 cups of water into a large pot and set the pot on the stove over high heat.  While the water was heating up, I grated my luscious bar of Honeysuckle soap into a bowl.  

          At this point, I had to convince Violet I wasn’t preparing some yummy cheese dish.  She was disappointed.  Once the water in the pot started steaming, I poured the grated soap into the pot and stirred it until it was all dissolved.  Then I let it cool while I washed dishes and tended to an ever-needy toddler. 

          Once it was cool enough (but still quite warm, because I am impatient) I transferred the liquid into a clean milk jug.  Note to self: get a funnel!  

     This soap will be perfect for us.  We’ve been using exponentially more soap since Violet has started potty training (Again.  But this time it’s working!).  This cost just $3.50 to make nearly a gallon of the stuff (I spilled some…oops) and gives me a fantastic reason to buy more of the wonderful soaps I’m always sniffing at art and craft shows.  It has the same consistency of soap that has had a little water added to it to make it stretch a bit longer.  Who hasn’t done that before?  

     We are going into the new year with a new attitude about money.  Between saving on diapers (yesss!!!) and saving on soap we are off to a good start.  Do you have any other good ideas of how to save money?  I’m eager to hear them.  Momma needs a new car!  😉


2 responses to “Honeysuckle Liquid Hand Soap

  1. This sounds absolutely amazing & so simple to do. I’m going to have to keep my eye out for some soap like honeysuckle (reminds me of Italy) or lilac (reminds me of my mom’s lilac bushes growing up) or something equally as delicatable. Thanks for sharing the how to! 🙂

    • Great! Let me know how it turns out. The next time I make liquid soap I am going to add a little less water and see if I like it better. It is almost too diluted for my liking. But still good! 🙂

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