After-Christmas Spring Cleaning

     What better time for major cleaning and reorganizing projects than right after Christmas?  I’ve realized just how overboard I went on gift-giving and now the house has to absorb all those wonderful presents.

     Yesterday morning we agreed to get the house looking “normal” again and get the living room (aka Ground Zero) cleaned up.  I went to make room on Violet’s bookcase for some new books and toys and somehow I got started on a multiple-hours organizing project in her room that still is not completed.  First, I tackled the bookcase, taking away books that are too babyish or too mature (a lot of my childhood books ended up on her shelves all at once).  A little bit of organizing and now there is plenty of room to grow (does this mean I can buy more books?!).  After that I started on the closet, which isn’t yet finished, and also the dresser (she’s 30 months old now; I think I can get rid of 18-month pajamas).

     ImageThere is something about purging and organizing that really makes me feel good.  And I love going into a new year feeling good!


2 responses to “After-Christmas Spring Cleaning

  1. If you get Christmas presents like mine – you are forced to organize! A desk organizer, a thing for the mail, an under the cabinet organizer, and shelves for the living room! 🙂 LOL I asked for a lot of cleaning things this year! 🙂

    Good luck on the rest of your project!

    • Those sound like great presents to me! I’m in a home improvement/decorating/organizing phase right now. Mostly it involves looking through books and magazines… LOL I wouldn’t mind receiving several gallons of new paint, come to think of it….

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