Things That Make Me Happy #4

Today was a day full of reasons to be happy.  I will share just a few with you.

1.  For the first time ever I was able to leave Violet in the nursery at church and she happily played with the toys and with the other little boy throughout the entire church service.  No crying!  I haven’t even attempted to put her in the nursery in nearly a year, because she would cry hysterically until I returned.  Violet has changed, though, and my intuition told me that things would be different now.  I am so happy that my spirited baby is growing into a secure, adventurous, precocious little girl.

2.  I love receiving unexpected packages in the mail!  Yesterday a box arrived addressed to Violet.  There was a letter inside from her cousin, a genuine cheerleader’s uniform (her cousin is a very talented cheerleader), and a bunch of books.  What could be better?  Violet loves dressing up and there isn’t a word to describe how much she enjoys books.

Michaels store in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Image via Wikipedia

3.  The Grand Opening of our long-awaited Michael’s store was today.  My friends and I have been waiting a year for this store to open and it finally has!  Now all we need is a Target and I’ll be all set.  🙂


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