How to Paint a Pumpkin

     The first annual Fall for Jesus Chili Cook-off was held on Saturday in the park across the street from our church.  In my opinion, any time there are not only people gathered in the name of Jesus, but also hot chili and live music, you’ve got a winning combination!  

     The weather was beautiful, albeit a bit breezy for mid-October.  Violet spent a good part of her time walking on top of the five-foot-high brick wall that surrounded the park.  She saw the big kids doing it, so she thought that was a fabulous idea — of course I shadowed her like the good first-time mother that I am. 


     Besides taking an occasional break from wall-walking to taste the yummy offerings, Violet was very interested in the statues.  Here, she is poking her fingers in the eyes of one statue.  Ouch!


     It’s too early to tell if Violet loves the drums as much as her mommy does, but she took a moment to bang on the spare drum behind the performers.  Drat!  I was too slow with the camera.  😦

     So you want to know how to paint a pumpkin, eh?  The answer:  any way you want to!  




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