Creating Melty Crayon Art

     Today Violet and I did something I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  For the life of me, I can’t remember where I saw the idea!  All I needed to buy was a cheap artist canvas that was on sale at Hobby Lobby last week.  I already had a big tub of crayons, collected since I was a child.  

     I just want to take a moment to say that I love the smell of crayons!  There is nothing like a tub of crayons that have been stored for twenty years… the smell is even more pleasant than that of a freshly-sharpened pencil or an opened canister of Play-doh.  One whiff and I’m transported through time back to 1985.

     Did I say 1985?  This crayon that shows Poochie (whoever that was — I don’t remember) has a copyright date of 1983 on it.  I told you these crayons are old.  You see in the background a pile of crayon wrappers.  That’s the first step:  select the colors of crayons you want, then take the paper off.  This was not as easy as I expected it to be.  Apparently, as crayons age, the wrappers begin to fuse themselves to the crayon.  

     Next, I took the blank canvas and hot-glued the unwrapped crayons in an order that I hoped would look good when I was done.  I was going for an autumn/harvest/halloween theme, so I chose oranges, browns, yellows, a few purples and black (could only find a few of those in the bin — a popular color).  I also used a couple coppers and a gold, and I love them!

     When you’ve got your crayons all glued down where you want them, hold or prop the canvas upright.  Then take your hairdryer and use it to melt the crayons.  You want to lay newspapers down under the canvas, because the melting wax will spray.  In fact, I should have taped newspapers to the wall that I leaned the canvas against…  Oops.  [Don’t worry, honey!  I’ll clean it up.]  It doesn’t take long to start melting the crayons, but the entire process may take a while, depending on how melty you want it to be.  I may go back later and melt mine some more, for an even more dramatic effect.  

     I really like how this turned out and I’m already looking forward to making one for Christmas!


8 responses to “Creating Melty Crayon Art

  1. What a great little project! I’m going to have a go at it myself as I think that it would look great in just about any room in the house. Oh, and by the way, I had my own stuffed Poochie dog when I was in elementary school 🙂 She had hot pink hair and I so loved her 😉

    • Thanks, Danielle. This project is so easy to customize for whatever room you want it in. Just pick your canvas size and colors!
      That’s funny about your Poochie dog. 🙂 I was more into My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake (I still have all of them!).

  2. Good idea, Jen. I think I might even try this. Not sure what the occasion would be or where I’d put it, but it would be fun to do.

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