Things That Make Me Happy #3

     Two words:  Count Chocula.

     A few years ago, stores stopped carrying this cereal except for a short period of time before Halloween.  Two years ago I found it at Walmart, excitedly bought a box, then kicked myself later for not buying more.  When I went back, they were sold out.  Last year I couldn’t find it at all.  Friday I was shopping at Meijer and spotted a pallet of Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry.  I quickly put four boxes in the cart, took a step, then went back and grabbed two more.  If I eat one box every other month — this will require a good amount of willpower — then this stash should last me until next Halloween.  

     What about you?  What is your favorite, monstrously good indulgence this time of year?


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