The Perfect Day for a Fall Art Fair

     We made it out to the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Fall Art Fair today.  Bright sunshine, lots of shade, the scent of cedar chips and kettle corn… what more could a person ask for?  Violet was the most perfect version of herself;  she received literally dozens of compliments from passerby.  Even old men were stopping to flirt with her.  Like my mom says, I live vicariously through Violet, so I love all the positive attention Violet gets.  

     I’m on a tight budget, so as much as I would have liked to buy some gorgeous stained glass artwork or framed photography all I purchased was a bar of soap.  I’ve never bought the fancy soap I see at craft shows, but I found a blog post on how to make your own liquid hand soap over at lecsmiscellany and I have to try it myself!  It looks really easy to do and I’m excited about it.  I bought the honeysuckle scented soap and it smells so good!  I’ll let you know when I actually get around to making it — hopefully soon!


4 responses to “The Perfect Day for a Fall Art Fair

  1. Jennifer, I’ve been enjoying your posts. I was thinking that the picture of us making the bath salts would be a good one for Connie to put in the paper. She might want to use a different one in each paper.

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