All Different Colors of Paint

     Violet has a phrase she uses often when she sees something brightly colorful:  “All different colors of paint!”  I really need to get video of her saying it, because it is so cute and she won’t be saying it forever.  “All different colors of paint” can refer to a rainbow, a polka dotted shirt or a handful of m&m’s.

     It can also refer to paint, which Violet loves.  Crayola Color Wonder paints, finger paints and watercolors: she’s tried them all.  She asks to paint several times per week and is really favoring the watercolors.  

     The other day I turned one of her masterpieces into a thank you card for her great-grandmother.  Granny bought Violet a toy when she was here for a visit and I think it is very important that children send thank you notes.  After her birthday, Violet sent out a bunch of thank you’s with her hand print in them.  Now she has her own return-address labels, so that will make it even more personal.  

     Anyway, this is the card she/I made.  Granny should get it tomorrow and I’m sure it will be the sparkling gem among the junk mail and bills.


4 responses to “All Different Colors of Paint

  1. It still amazes me the advanced vocabulary Violet has! 🙂 You are a great mom – teaching her good manners at an early age!!! Good job!

  2. I know what you mean about wanting to capture the adorable way Violet says things. Often I find the way a 2 year old speaks to be more poetic than the greatest poets.

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