Things That Make Me Happy #1

I meant to post this last night, but circumstances prevented it.

     Some things give my spirits a lift just by looking at them.  I want to celebrate them with a weekly series called “Things That Make Me Happy.”  I’ll try to make it every Sunday, but you know how I can be a little… sporadic.  I’ll do my best.

     The first installment in this series is a bottle of Mexican vanilla that my aunt and uncle in San Antonio, Texas sent to me.  This 940ml (31.79 fl. oz.) bottle of liquid gold makes me salivate just looking at it.  Think of all the baked goods that will be made possible with this!  If you do any baking at all you will know how expensive pure vanilla extract is in the supermarket.  Not only does this save me a small fortune, but it will save me many a trip to Walmart for more vanilla (1-ounce bottles empty quickly).  

     I haven’t broken the paper seal on the bottle yet, but with the holidays fast approaching I have no doubt that it will happen soon.  I also love the vaquero on the label.  

     So, as you see, this is a very simple item that brings me much joy (thank you, Uncle Tom and Aunt Donna!).  I’m glad I could share it with you.  🙂



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