A Birthday Party and a Fire — not at the same time

     Our social calendar has really been filling up lately.  Today, Violet attended her second birthday party in as many weeks.  

     This party was to celebrate the 2nd birthday of her triplet girlfriends.  You will recall they had a playdate back in June.  We mothers swore we’d get together soon for another playdate, but we never did and this is the first time the girls have gotten together since.  Originally the party was supposed to be at a local park, but it was quite cold today, so the festivities were moved to Chik-Fil-A.  Violet had a grand time in the play area.  

     I don’t know which she liked better:  the playground or the cupcakes!  


     Later this evening, we attempted to start a fire in our front yard.  

     You see, last week my Mom watched Violet while Dave and I spent six hours clearing trees (and subsequently vicious, thorny brush) away from our telephone lines.  Technically we own 5 ½ acres of land, but a good portion of it is covered in briars, sumac, wild raspberries and other pain-in-the-butt plants that threaten to poke an eye out if you attempt to cut them down.  

     Actually, I quite enjoy clearing brush.  I love the excitement I feel as a tree starts that slow creaking shift just before it plummets to the ground.  

     We cut a lot of trees down in the effort to save our telephone line from an icy tree branch this coming winter.   There were a few close calls, but we did not end up taking the line down ourselves (as I feared we would).  The front yard looked a bit like a jungle before we dragged it all to the old flowerbed along the driveway.  

     I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and burn the flowerbed while we were at it?  I meant all summer long to kill the weeds that are living on the too-steep slope, anyway.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it after I kill it off, but I’ll worry about that later!

     Violet enjoyed collecting random sticks for me to throw on the fire.  

     I’m sorry I don’t have any magnificent pyro pictures for you, but the wood was still a bit too green and the bonfire I had hoped for never really took off.  Maybe next week.


2 responses to “A Birthday Party and a Fire — not at the same time

  1. I love the pictures, Jen ! Violet is a doll, and the triplets too. I bet that was a sight.
    Bonfires are fun this time of year, but those green ones can get to you. Watch out for that smoke—you can get poison ivy that way, you know.

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