Making a Harvest Garland

     My biggest accomplishment today was completing a giant grocery shopping trip to Meijer.  

     My most exciting accomplishment today was buying some fabric for the harvest garland I’ve been working on.  I needed two more solid colors in order to have a solid between each pattern.  I chose a deep purple (it looks blue in the photos, but I swear it’s purple) and a gold (or maize, if you’re a Michigan fan).

     I took one of Dave’s ties to make a pattern for the fabric pieces.  A few days ago I finally finished cutting, sewing, turning and pressing each of the 37 pieces I have.  That’s not counting the fabric I bought today.  Now I need to sew a pearl to the bottom of each piece; I’ve done one so far, you can see it in the close-up.  Then I will turn under the top 1/4 inch of each piece, press and sew shut.  Each piece will then be hand-sewn to its neighbor at their top corners.  

     I think it is going to be really cute.  I just wish I had a fireplace mantel to adorn.  Instead, I’ll probably hang it over the doorway adjoining the living and dining rooms.  

     There should be plenty of pieces to make two garlands.  All along I’ve been planning on putting one up on to see if there are any takers.  Now that I have started sewing more — and liking it!– I would love to make some spending money by selling my creations.  If I only made enough money to keep me in craft supplies, that would be enough!


4 responses to “Making a Harvest Garland

  1. Good job on the sewing! didn’t know you were getting into that. I been working on some sewing projects myself. Got halloween costumes to do at the moment.

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