Sometimes it’s Just Too Nice of a Day to be Productive

     Okay, so I had planned to finish a puppet and an apron today, at the least.  That didn’t happen.

a party favor from a recent birthday party

     Today was so beautiful — the weather so perfect — that I couldn’t do much more than wash a couple loads of laundry and hang them outside to dry.  I guess by “productive” I mean having something tangible to show off at the end of the day.  Like those lines the vacuum cleaner leaves on carpet, or soap bubbles left in the kitchen sink after you’ve washed all the dishes (I did that today, too!) and drained the water.  Maybe a dirty rag tossed into the laundry room after dusting all the furniture.  

Violet picked these while I fixed lunch

     I may not have vacuumed or dusted or even tidied up much today, but I do have something to show off, after all.  I have pictures!  I’m only sorry that I couldn’t get a photo of Violet and I playing soccer in the backyard, or of Violet pondering how there can be big, fluffy white clouds in the sky, yet Mommy says it’s not going to rain.  Those are the things I will have to rely on my memory for.

chalk rainbow at Grandma's

     Today was a great day!


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