Scrapping Saturday: Birthday Portraits

     I was lucky enough during this uber-busy week to carve out some precious time for scrapbooking.  On Tuesday a friend of mine even came over for some late-night scrapping!  

     In the past several months I have been A) taking fewer photographs than I did a year (or two!) ago and B) working hard to catch up on my family scrapbook.  The results are undeniable: I am closer to my goal than ever before!  Most often I am working on photos from 3 months past, but now I’m only 1 ½ months behind.  I’ve been skipping around a bit –scrapping the 4th of July, then the zoo, then Violet’s birthday — but now the gaps have been filled.  

          This week I finished scrapbooking the portraits of Violet taken on her birthday.  I have two of the four pages to show you (I promise I’ll get the other 2 pages on here ASAP!).

     On both layouts I used Crate Paper’s “Emma’s Shoppe” line.  

          As you can see, my style is very simple.  Usually it’s not quite this simple, but I wanted to let Violet’s portraits play the starring role and not get overshadowed by a bunch of decoration.  

     The week ahead isn’t going to be any less-busy, but I will try to get even closer to reaching my goal of a “caught-up” scrapbook.  (Yeah, right!)






One response to “Scrapping Saturday: Birthday Portraits

  1. You’re behind on scrapbooking, I’m behind on reading emails. Just saw this one and I LOVE the pictures of Violet!!! She is such a doll! 🙂

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