Carrots, Crowns, Consignments & CrAziNEsS! (But no Cavities)

     Where has the time gone?!  

     I would love to tell you that I’ve spent the last two weeks lounging on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean, sipping fruity cocktails with umbrella straws and listening to the bubbly tinkle of steel drums, but, alas, it is not true.  

     The farthest we’ve ventured from home was an art fair in Lexington last weekend.  I was very much looking forward to it (we went last year also) and was not disappointed.  I found exactly what I was looking for: an orange pottery soap dispenser for the kitchen sink.  I plan on painting the kitchen/dining room a shade of orange this winter and am starting to look for accent pieces in blue and orange.  The soap dispenser I found is a real peach!  No, really.  It’s a peach.  It has leaves and everything.  I like its shape; it shouldn’t fall over too easily, but I have still warned my husband not to break it.  He’s a bit clumsy…

     Other than our brief foray into art and culture, we’ve stuck close to home and kept busy with more domestic projects.  The bulk of my free time has been spent organizing, hanging and pinning children’s clothes for the fall consignment sale.  I have a clothesline strung across the length of my scrapbook room, where I hang first all the boy’s clothes, then all the girl’s clothes.  After I’ve hung the clothes on wire hangers, I enter each item into the computer system, print out and pin a tag onto each item of clothing.  I collected a lot of clothing bargains I found throughout the year and am hoping to sell for a relatively large profit.  My check-in time was Tuesday afternoon, so needless to say I was up late Monday night entering info and up early Tuesday morning pinning tags.  Now I am just sitting back, waiting to pick up my check tomorrow evening.

     Yesterday was Violet’s first-ever dental appointment!  I really played up how exciting it is to go to the dentist.  I didn’t hesitate to mention that she would get a prize at the end if she was a good girl.  And she was, of course.  She sat on my lap in the exam chair while first the hygienist and then the dentist peered into her mouth.  She got to wear cool sunglasses (because of that bright light above the chair) and she got to pick TWO prizes out of the box!  Violet loved her new bracelets.  Mommy loved that her teeth are perfect.

     Today I put Violet in underpants, which meant spending a lot of time in the kitchen, since I do not like cleaning up toddler urine from carpeting.  One of the things we did was make paper crowns, just like Kim & Carrots have in her Babybug magazine.  

     After dinner we went out to check on things in the garden.  Our poor garden.  It has become a bit neglected in the past month or so.  Mom and I have been discussing what we want to do differently next year.  At the top of the list:  no corn.  We aren’t prepared to fight the raccoons for it.  Even though I don’t particularly like to eat carrots, I may still plant them again next year, because they are just so darn much fun to pull up!  We pulled up bunches of them tonight and I’m going to make a carrot cake tomorrow.  I’m not sure why they’re so squat and not longer.  This winter I need to read up on a few vegetables like carrots and tomatoes and see if I can do better next year.

          It’s funny how if someone asks me what I do every day, I have a hard time coming up with an answer that conveys the constant motion that makes up my life.  On those occasions that I have made a list of all the tasks performed throughout the day (but never a truly comprehensive list), I am boggled by how much I really get done.  You wouldn’t know it to walk through my living room right now.  Perhaps I should make a comprehensive report of a Week in the Life of Us.  Just for fun. 

     What do you think?


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