Some Highlights of the Most Boring Day of the Week

     I didn’t intend to write a blog post today, because today was rather uneventful.  I didn’t even take any pictures.  What would I write about? 

     But then I got to thinking.  The last time I didn’t write a post for several days, my husband launched an inquest to determine whether or not I had given up on the blog.  I was forced to do something interesting — and fast — so I could blog about it.

     It’s not easy being interesting.  (I only make it look effortless.)

     So, to avoid any further accusations of blog abandonment, I decided to make a short list of the highlights of my bland day.


1.     Violet let me watch the Today show for at least ½ hour this morning before repeatedly asking to watch Backyardigans.

2.     At Kroger I found a bag of pretzels (Grippo’s) that are very similar to how I remember my childhood favorite, Mr. Salty.  I snatched          up that bag for myself and bought store-brand minis for Vi.

3.     While Violet napped, I took a much needed 2-hour nap myself.  Aren’t you jealous?

4.     We went to Mom’s for dinner and I didn’t have to cook it!  And Mom has a dishwasher.

5.     The weather is so nice I turned off the air-conditioning and opened all the windows.

What was the highlight of your day?


4 responses to “Some Highlights of the Most Boring Day of the Week

  1. *big smile* You know, that’s the stuff of life. My day was most eventful. Top five?
    5. Woke up BEFORE husband (never happens. serious. not ever.)
    4. Bought new CD: Francesca Battistelli (check out her song “This is the Stuff”)
    3. Posted garden pics on my still-wet-behind-the-ears blog
    2. Sat outside in the sun with the doggies and a banana-strawberry-mango smoothie
    1. Got a new fridge! Large. Silver. Monolithic.

    ps. It’s cool your hubby’s interested in your blog life.

  2. You are challenging your readers to come up with stuff to write? I thought this blogging thing was just so I could read about your life?! 😉
    Hmmm…wouldn’t say eventful, but it was a different than normal day!
    1. Hit snooze for an hour because I didn’t want to change the alarm time even though I didn’t have meetings till 10 AM!!! (Woo hoo, love days that don’t start till 10).
    2. Attempted to fix my click-y high heels by melting a bit of plastic over the metal piece protruding out of the heel. Discovered this was a bad idea when the plastic I was using wasn’t just plastic and it flamed a bit. Luckily I quickly blew out the flame and didn’t not set off the hotel smoke detectors! 🙂 Used a little MacGayver bandage over the heel instead (it didn’t last long).
    3. Walked to lunch for the second day in a row even though my shoes were driving me nuts and I was a sweaty frizzy mess for the rest of the day. Decided I love this option!
    4. Sat through 6 guest lectures trying to learn what it is like to be an Audi employee. Discovered I must greet people by saying “colleagues” to start with. (probably should report learning more than this when asked on Friday).
    5. Walked to “dinner”, errr happy hour, in my new favorite “city” area – Reston Town Center. Must remember to bring walking shoes every where I go when I visit Virginia next time.

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