Pancakes and Popcorn, or, What Dave Likes to Cook

     I just wanted to share some photos I took the last time Dave was home.  There are two things my husband cooks most often:  pancakes and popcorn.

     Violet has come to associate Dave with both of these things.  Quite often in the mornings I go to get her out of bed and she cranes her neck, looking into the kitchen and saying “pancakes?”  

     In the evenings, Violet pushes a chair up to the counter and helps him make popcorn.  It’s ironic that she enjoys it so much, because she has never actually tasted popcorn!  “They” say it is a choking hazard until age 3 (I’m sure it’s a hazard longer than that) and I marvel that Vi hasn’t insisted upon eating it.  Hey, if she doesn’t ask for it, I’m not offering.  She is content to watch it being popped, then she runs and picks out a book for me to read.

     Once Violet realizes how good it tastes, I’m sure she’ll be hooked.


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