Making Paper with Friends

     Back in March I attended the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Louisville with a couple of friends.  In case you’ve never heard of Creating Keepsakes, it is all about scrapbooking and stamping!  There is an annual scrapbooking convention in Novi, Michigan, which I think is pretty awesome.  The one in Louisville was quite a bit smaller than the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi, but still a day’s worth of fun with friends.  

     I had very limited funds to play with, so I satisfied myself with encouraging my friend S to buy things.  hee hee.  I call myself the devil on her shoulder.  One of the things I convinced her to purchase was a paper making kit.  I hadn’t even noticed the booth; since I only had $7 left in my wallet, I had become very discriminating and was looking for a clear acrylic stamp to complete my purchases for the day.  Anyway, S and J stopped to watch the vendor make paper.  I’ve gotta hand it to this lady: she was so friendly and welcoming and made the process of making paper look so easy we’d never have to buy paper ever again!  In actuality, that’s not too far from the truth.

     The concept of Paper Alice is that you can take all that junk mail you receive in your mailbox every day and turn it into pretty, new paper.  Really all you need is a single junk envelope — don’t throw away that envelope your birthday card was in! — to make a new piece of paper.  While we stood there and watched  Alison (skeptically at first) whip out sheet after sheet of beautiful paper I started to wish I could buy it myself.  The clincher was when Alison bit into a strawberry — to prove it was a real strawberry, I guess — then popped the rest into the blender with the rest of the paper.  The finished product had a hint of strawberry scent.  Heaven.

     So, it’s taken us this long to use the paper making kit my friend S bought that day.  We got together with a bunch of people today and got to work making paper.  There was a bit of a learning curve (S kept reminding me that Alison has been doing this for 20+ years), but we got the hang of it quickly.  I even attempted to add some flower petals to my creations.

     Want to know how we did it?  

     I strongly encourage you to check out Paper Alice’s website. She even has a video you can watch to see her in action.  I will, however, say that this is so fun and easy!  Anyone can do it.  You can use anything to make paper, from napkins and tissue paper to junk mail and scraps from your other hobbies.  I made four pieces of paper today and they all look drastically different.  One of my favorites is the paper made from a Subway sandwich wrapper.  Alice herself gave me the idea.  🙂


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