Rudolph’s Prominent Probiscus

      Today’s attempt at creating a reindeer puppet was good for quite a few laughs.  We were working from a pattern — it’s not like I dreamed up some funky interpretation of an abstract North Pole native.  It may have been that my seam allowances were too large.  It may have been because the felt bunched up when I sewed around the curves.  In any case, this is what we ended up with the first time I turned Rudolph’s head right-side out:  

Looks more like a vulture than a reindeer...

     Go ahead, get your giggles out of the way.  I’ll wait.

Much better, no?

     I turned it inside-out two more times, sewing the schnoz a little shorter each time — and trimming off the excess, of course (I actually forgot to do that the first time… oops).  

     The puppet is made of felt (cotton makes up the inner ear), with a single pipe cleaner inside each antler to lend it some stability and allow it to be shaped a bit.  A toilet paper tube is glued inside the neck.  I was lucky to find a red shank button in my stash, because Hobby Lobby’s button selection is dismal.  The blue eye buttons came from my stash as well.  The red satin ribbon around his neck deserves several more jingle bells, but it’s been a long day and I won’t be getting around to that tonight.  All in all, I think Rudy turned out kinda cute!

I knew that half-drank bottle of Jack would come in handy! Puppet prop!

     Now, help a girl out: How much would you be willing to pay for this A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. puppet at a church bazaar??


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