Getting Crafty with Paper Twist Angels

     This week Crafting for a Cause was on Wednesday, rather than Monday, because we skipped two weeks and need to keep the ball rolling.  We’re meeting again in five days (back to Mondays) and I should have at least one new, exciting project to work on.


     Today we worked on creating paper twist angels.  I want to say “Thank you, Wendy!”  Wendy was the only person, other than my mother, who was there with me working on crafts.  We didn’t get a lot done — three angels were finished today, making the total so far four — but I am still happy with what we accomplished.  I’ve received so much thanks for taking on this project, and so many compliments on what I’ve done, that it really has built up my confidence and kept me going.  I will readily admit that there have been moments when I thought to myself, “Why did I volunteer to do this?!”   

     Like when I attempted to make pretty spherical ornaments out of string.  The string is dipped in glue, wrapped around a water balloon (filled with air) and left to dry.  When it’s dry you’re supposed to pop the balloon, remove it and voila!  A beautiful string ornament.  Ha!  This is what I ended up with:  


      I may try again using a different type of string and sugar water instead of glue, but for now I’ve got enough on my plate.  I received a check today from the women’s group, to be used to buy more supplies for crafts.  I am so grateful for this donation, yet had to laugh when Mom said under her breath, “Oh. Well, I guess that means we have to keep going with this project.”  I know how she feels.  It’s been a big undertaking, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve both enjoyed all the work we’ve put into it.

     I want to publicly thank my mother for all the help she’s given me with this project and the countless hours she’s spent at her home, working on finishing up crafts other people started.  And the birds… those damn birds… 


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