The Vegetables of our Labor

     I went out to the garden tonight to gather some green beans for dinner and had to run back to the house to grab my camera.  

Tomatoes! Hurry up! I want to make salsa!


Not ready yet, but I ate the onion that was on the right and it was GOOD! Also thinking they weren't planted deep enough...

     Mom pulled up a carrot to see what it looked like…

Obviously not ready, but it tasted "like carrot."

     One lonely blueberry (I ate its mate two days ago).

     And the beans we picked for dinner:

     I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished so far with this, our first garden.  The corn is getting taller, the cantaloupes and cucumbers are growing and I just planted some gourds amongst the corn today.

     What about you?  What do you have growing in your garden?


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