A Play Date with Triplets

     Yesterday Violet had a playdate with new friends, the triplet daughters (and big brother) of a lady with whom I’ve become friends.  I was excited to see how Vi would react, not only going to a new place, but also having to contend with so many people at one time.  I was fairly confident she would do fine, though, since I knew there would be plenty of toys.

     Violet surprised me from the beginning.  I pulled the car into the driveway and Violet immediately spied the three dogs in the neighbor’s yard.  She used to be afraid of strange dogs — not a bad thing to be — but she was tickled to stand a few feet from the chain-link fence and watch the yippee, hyper dogs bounce around on the other side.  It was actually the dogs who were frightened of Violet, apparently;  they turned tail and ran away when she took a step toward them.  It was about that time that my friend opened the door and invited us inside.  Violet was willing enough (another surprise)… until we took a step inside and she saw six pairs of eyes fixed on her.  The triplets, who are just four months younger than Violet, were standing there to greet her.  It was quite a sight.  One — Arabella — was wearing a Cookie Monster costume and giving us “The Eye.”  ((Note to self: SHAME on you for not taking a picture!!))  As soon as Vi noticed the toys, all bets were off and she didn’t pay much attention to the triplets or their older brother.  So many toys, so little time. 

     Later, we went outside and the kids happily ran around, playing with cars and rocks and sticks.  When it was time to go and I asked Violet if she was ready to leave, she said “no.”  Maybe her new friends will invite her back.  


3 responses to “A Play Date with Triplets

  1. We do need to have you back! I think Sarah will be done painting by the end of this week, so maybe next week?

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