Hot mama!! I just finished re-potting a few houseplants outside and am recovering in front of the fan.  It is HOT outside!  I wasn’t even in the sun — and barely moving — but the sweat was dripping.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.

     These plants are called Dracaena and I highly recommend them to anyone with a brown thumb.  The one on the left — now over 2 feet tall — was originally potted in a dixie cup and given to me at my friend’s wedding shower.  If I haven’t killed it yet, it’s a keeper!  A couple years later, I added two more of the same type of plant to share the pot with the original.  It’s been, what, ten years?  I’ve suspected for a long time that the plants needed to be separated and re-potted, but when they nearly fell over the other day I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer.  The roots were coming out the bottom of the pot.  I should have taken a picture of the mass of roots, but was in a huge hurry to get the plants potted and cover the exposed root systems (my mom has planted the Fear of Dried Roots in me).  Yes, I know the plants looks a bit crooked, but I say it gives them character.  If they survive the transplantation, maybe I’ll consider remedying that situation.  Besides, how do you fix a crooked houseplant?  Put a tiny stake in the pot?  I think the big one may need a bigger pot, anyway.

They look puny now, but they'll get big and beautiful.

 I never showed you Violet’s new and improved shade garden.  Thursday of last week the plants arrived via UPS while I was out yard sale-ing.  Friday I got them in the ground.  They may not look like much now, but soon they’ll be blooming and gorgeous!  Here’s what I got:  1 Helleborus Red Lady (14-18 inches tall, blooming in early Spring), 3 Astilbe Deutschland (white, 18-24 inches tall, blooming Summer) and 3 Lobelia Blue Selection ( 24-30 inches tall, blooming late Summer).  I didn’t intend for the garden to be so patriotic, but I like it!  I also transplanted a Bleeding Heart from another flowerbed; it should be much happier in the shade garden, since it isn’t supposed to be in sun and has been.  All the plants (besides the Bleeding Heart) were bought at 40-50% off normal price at Bluestone Perennials.  I still have room to add some annuals; some of the prettiest flowers are annuals, but I hate that I will have to buy them every year.

     So, it looks like my foray into gardening is going well.  I’m learning new stuff all the time and isn’t that what this is all about?


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