Freaky Friday

     Today was a wonderful day!  
     It didn’t start out so great, but improved quickly.  Violet and I had plans to meet our friends at the park in the morning, which we were both excited about.  I couldn’t find Vi’s sunglasses, though, so we were running late and I had a monster headache.  We passed a yard sale sign on the way to the park and I wasn’t going to stop, but three thoughts ran through my mind:  A) We’re already late — what’s a few more minutes?   B) I actually have cash in my wallet (I usually have less than a dollar in change).  C) What if this is the one?  The yard sale that has that toy for Violet I want? …  So I turned in at the next street and despite Violet’s objections we went to the yard sale.
     It was a big one.  And guess what I found?  A plastic rocking toy for Violet!  For a buck!  It’s not a horse, but a police car.  So Violet went from being a cowgirl to a cop, but that’s okay.  She loves her new toy.
     Of course, we had a wonderful time at the park.  Vi wasn’t into the swing so much this week; she would rather go down the slide again.  And again.  And again…  

"Do dat one!"

Vi has now conquered all three slides at the park:  the small(er) slide, the tall slide and the twisty slide.  She has no favorites, they all have their merits and she divides her time equally between them.  
     I know that children this age don’t really play with other children, they play alongside them.  It does warm my heart, though, to see her playing with alongside her ‘friend’.  They’re both having fun and they’re together.  I’d like to think they are forming a bond of some sort and will be true friends someday.  
   As an afterthought, I’ll also let y’all know that we officially blew our wad of a tax refund and bought a chest freezer.  We had to order it last weekend and picked it up this afternoon.  I’m quite excited, because now I can cook meals ahead of time and freeze them, I can buy meat and frozen food on sale and not worry about freezer space AND I have plenty of room for frozen veggies from the garden!  Yum.

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