400-Mile Yard Sale: to Paris and back


I’ve been anticipating this day for weeks.

     The 400-Mile Yard Sale across the state is this weekend, Thursday through Sunday, and we planned on shopping part of it.  I love yard sales!  I love the excitement of not knowing what I’m going to find at the next sale and I get a real thrill when I find that occasional item that is just what I was looking for (or something I didn’t know that I wanted, but now that I found it I can’t live without it).  I’ve found a lot of really cute, good quality clothing for Violet at yard sales.  I don’t usually find clothes in my size, but it does happen on occasion.  Lots of books, of course, but nowadays I’m trying to cut back on the book buying (at least until we build an addition onto the house and make it a library).

    Today I went with a list of things to look for:  Christmas stuff, toys for Violet (I REALLY want a plastic rocking horse like the one Stacey found at a yard sale!), cookie cutters, fabric, buttons and craft supplies, to name a few.  I didn’t find everything I was looking for — some things I did find, but they were too expensive — but I found plenty.

The first place we stopped, I found a small white Christmas tree, ornaments, lots of Christmas treat bags NIP, a bag of cookie cutters and several books, all for the price of a donation benefiting a mission to Haiti.

Right after that I found a cute dress NWT for Vi and some craft supplies — total price: $1.25.  I nabbed a cute, brand new, bright orange purse (been wanting one) for just a buck!

I think the purchase I’m most excited about are the boxes of random Christmas ornaments I found for 25 cents per box.  I have an idea of how I’m going to use them, too.  I’m going to hot glue them to a grapevine wreath, add some holiday floral picks and create a funky wreath which will most likely hang on the door to the scrapbook room.  I can do whatever I want in there and not worry about being too wild.  🙂  The paint color is the brightest shade of teal blue.

So now I’m sunburned and I have a lot of crap to put away.  It was worth it, though.  Violet was  a peach and didn’t even get her nap today.  She didn’t come home empty handed, either.  When you’re as cute as she is, people give you stuff for free (lucky girl).  The Winnie the Pooh music box plays You Are My Sunshine.   And she is.


3 responses to “400-Mile Yard Sale: to Paris and back

  1. I got Christmas stuff coming out my ears – you didn’t need to go buy any you could shop my storage unit! 😉 Actually we mostly have tons of lights to get rid of, not cute boxes of ornaments like you found. I like the funky wreath idea – so creative!

    How many of the 400 miles did you cover?

    • I saw lots of lights, but didn’t buy any.
      Considering it took us an hour to get to where the sale route started, we covered almost 80 miles of it. Maybe we’ll go the other direction next year. (There’s also the World’s Longest Yard Sale later this year!)

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