Happy Memorial Day!


Violet's gonna love it!

     What a beautiful holiday weekend!  I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday and spending time with friends and family.  Dave made it home Saturday around noon and got to spend two full days at home!  He’ll leave around lunchtime today.  Yesterday we drove to the city to pick up Violet’s birthday present at Toys R Us.  It’s a swing set!  I’ve been watching the ads for months, either not seeing what I like or what I like being way too expensive.  Finally, my patience paid off and what I like went on sale and wasn’t too expensive.    Considering how much fun Vi had at the park a week ago, I think she will spend countless hours playing on this.  And it will be great when she has friends over, too!                                                                    

     Now the hard part will be putting it together…                                                                                                                                                                                  

     I read the reviews online and most people said it took them 12 hours to put the gym set together.  Yesterday Dave and I labeled all the wood pieces with a permanent marker and Dave labeled all the baggies of nuts, bolts and screws.  Then he put together the ladder/rock climbing wall.  While he’s gone this week, I’ll see if I can put something together to help out this process a bit.  I could have put together the rock wall…  I hope that wasn’t the only “easy” piece to assemble!                


So sticky, so good.

Dave grilled Italian sausage and hot dogs for dinner last night and we had S’mores for dessert.  It was the first time Vi has ever had a S’more.  She didn’t really eat the graham crackers, but licked the marshmallow that was oozing out and some of the drippy chocolate.  Afterwards, I put her directly into the bathtub!  


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